Time Champ: The Next Wave of Employee Monitoring Systems

Time-champ-the-next-wave-of-employee monitoring

As technology advances, employee monitoring has become an essential and common feature in today’s workplaces. With the rise of remote work, employers have turned to various employee monitoring systems to keep track of their employees’ productivity and ensure that they are working efficiently. Time Champ is one such system, a comprehensive employee monitoring system that provides a range of features to track employee activities and takes monitoring to the next level with its advanced features to ensure optimal productivity. 

With Time Champ, employers can stay on top of their employees’ productivity and track their work progress in real-time. The system provides a range of features that allow managers to stay informed about what their employees are doing during work hours. 

Here are some of the employee monitoring features that make Time Champ stand out:

Time Champ’s Employee monitoring features: 

  1. Start Notification: One of the most useful features of Time Champ is its start notification system. This system sends an alert to the employer when an employee starts their workday, allowing them to keep track of their employees’ work hours. This feature ensures that employees are not only working the required hours but also that they are working within the agreed-upon time frame.  
  2. Real time Status: Employers or managers can get a brief real time view of employee screen by just hovering the mouse on employee name in the employee list in the organization. It also provides employee status like whether he is available or in busy in teams meeting.
  3. Blur Screenshots: This system blurs the content of the employee’s screen while taking a screenshot, ensuring that sensitive information is not exposed. This feature is particularly useful in industries that handle confidential information. 
  4. Keystrokes: Time Champ’s key stroke tracking system keeps a record of all the keys an employee presses on their keyboard. This feature allows employers to monitor employee activity and ensure that they are using their time efficiently. 
  5. Viewing Live Videos: With Time Champ, employers can view live videos of their employees’ activities. This feature provides real-time feedback to employers, allowing them to ensure that employees are working efficiently. 
  6. Audio Recording: Time Champ also offers audio recording, which allows employers to listen to employee conversations. It increases employee accountability.
  7. Live Screen Recording: This system records the employee’s screen in real-time, providing employers with a comprehensive view of their activities. 
  8. Idle Alerts: Time Champ’s idle alert system notifies employers when an employee is idle. This feature ensures that employees are working efficiently and are not wasting company time. 
  9. Screenshot Frequency: The screenshot frequency system allows employers to set the frequency at which screenshots are taken. This feature ensures that employers have a comprehensive view of their employees’ activities. 
  10. Auto Start Desktop Timer: With Time Champ, employees can automatically start a desktop timer when an employee logs in. This feature ensures that employees are working the required hours and are not logging in late or leaving early. 
  11. Email Notifications: Time Champ’s email notification system sends notifications to employers when specific events occur, such as when an employee logs in or when an employee is idle. This feature ensures that employers are always up to date with their employees’ activities. 

Along with the Employee monitoring features Time champ also Provides Attendance tracking, Productivity management, task and Project management features to improve the overall efficiency of the organizations.

Automatic Attendance Tracking 

In the past, companies had to rely on manual processes to track employee attendance, which can be inefficient and error prone. However, with Time Champ’s automatic employee attendance feature, organizations can now automate this process to track employee worktime and save valuable time. This feature allows employers to track employee attendance effortlessly, reducing errors and streamlining the payroll process. 

Productivity Management 

Time Champ’s productivity management system tracks employee productivity and provides employers with lifetime heatmaps, an employee timesheet with productive, unproductive, and idle categories, and activity breakdowns and in detail productivity reports that allows employers to track employee productivity, set goals, and monitor progress, helping organizations to analyze and improve their employee productivity and ensures that employees are working efficiently. 

Project Management 

Time Champ’s project management system allows employers to manage more complex projects and multiple projects simultaneously. It includes Features like goal management, test case management, custom workflows for tasks, customized task status, reports, email notifications. Time Champ‘s project management feature allows businesses to keep track of their projects from start to finish, ensuring that all tasks are completed on time and of the highest quality. 

Task Management

Time Champ’s task management feature allows employees to keep track of all their tasks, from the most critical to the smallest. This feature allows employers to assign tasks to employees, set deadlines, and track task progress, making it easier to ensure that all tasks are completed on time and to the highest quality. 


Time Champ is a powerful employee monitoring system that offers a range of features to help employers stay on top of their employees’ productivity. Its advanced features like start notifications, Real time status and blur screenshots make it a standout tool in the competitive space. By using Time Champ, employers can improve their work efficiency and ensure that their employees are working to their full potential. 

In conclusion, Time Champ is the next wave of employee monitoring systems, providing businesses with a comprehensive solution to optimize their employee’s time and productivity while respecting their privacy. With its advanced features, Time Champ can help businesses achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively than ever before. “So, Why wait? Seize the future of employee monitoring systems with Time Champ today, and elevate your business to new heights!”