HR Tech: Understanding the Basics of Attendance Management  

Attendance management system

Employee attendance management plays a very crucial role in an organisation. HR teams have to spend a considerable amount of time managing the attendance of employees, and it is common for them to face roadblocks while doing this. To avoid such roadblocks and to build transparency among all the employees in the organisation, an attendance management system steps in.   

With digitally enabled workplaces everywhere, having an online attendance management system can bring a huge difference to the organisation. Let us explore what this attendance management is, along with why you need it and how it can help in improving your employee productivity along with the employee attendance monitoring system in this blog.  

What Is Attendance Management System? 

Any solution that monitors the working hours of an employee can be considered an attendance management system. This includes paper registers, biometric login, excel based spreadsheets, etc. However, with the digital transformation, things have changed drastically.  

There are different types of cloud-based attendance management systems available in the market that would simplify the entire process. Most organisations are switching to digital attendance management software , and this has helped their HR teams and employees as well.   

Features of Attendance Management System 

Now that you understand what an attendance management system is let us explore its features. This will give you a fair idea of how it can help your organisation.  

1. Clocking in and out  

This is the first and foremost feature that should be present in attendance management software. Employees should clock in every day as soon as they start their work, register the breaks they take in between and clock out.  

This way, all the business hours of employees are recorded. Both employer and employees will have access to it, preventing any kind of misuse.  

2. Leave Management  

Every organisation offers paid time off. It is important that employees get to register the leaves they are taking under PTO or unpaid leaves. A good attendance management software like Time Champ will provide a leave management feature.  

Here, all the employees will have their pre-approved leaves registered, and whenever they do not log in for an entire day, it is considered as leave. It will be automatically deducted from their leaves list. This setup can be customised by the businesses as per their requirement.  

3. Payroll   

This is an advanced feature and is a must-have for every organisation. The employee attendance monitoring system will curate payroll as per the working hours of the employees, their days off, etc. If there are any hourly compensations that need to be calculated, it can also be done with the help of this attendance system.   

4. Employee Self Service  

With the digital revolution all over, employee self-service is a must-have feature in every attendance management system. With this software, employees would be able to log in and log out from work all by themselves with the help of a web app or an app on their mobile phones. Right from leave requests to corrections in the attendance records, employees would be able to do everything from their end without intervention from the HR Team.  

5. Advanced Analytics  

Analytics are very important to understand the patterns and performance of employees, and a reliable attendance management system is supposed to offer that. With Time Champ, you will get granular visibility into employee attendance and understand who is committing time theft, employees who are putting in extra hours, working overtime, etc. All of these will help during the appraisal period.   

Why Does your Organisation Need It?  

If you are confused about whether you need an attendance management system or you don’t, then this section will clear your confusion. Every organisation out there, irrespective of its size, would need to invest in a good attendance management system as it changes the landscape of its operations.   

Some of the reasons why your organisation needs attendance management software are:  

  • Efficient tracking  
  • Time and resource-saving  
  • Accuracy  
  • Compliant with various
  • regulations  
  • Payroll processing  
  • Employee accountability  
  • Leave management  
  • Data analysis and reporting  
  • Remote work and flexibility  
  • Employee performance monitoring  
  • Notifications and reminders  
  • Reduced usage of paper  

Role of Attendance Management System in Employee Productivity  

As discussed above, a reliable attendance management system will have multiple features at its disposal that employees can leverage. Right from applying their leaves to understanding their work hours, this tool can help them with everything. However, then comes a time tracking and productivity monitoring tool like Time Champ that can double down as an attendance management system and employee monitoring software.  

Employees can start their working hours by logging in, recording their breaks, logout and accessing their dashboard to get in-depth insights about how they are performing.   

Their productivity is tracked along with the idle time, their neutral time giving you a fair idea of how every employee in the organisation is performing. Employees would be able to see the annual holidays and their leave balance and mark themselves on leave when required.  

Why Is Time Champ the Best Attendance Management System? 

Time Champ is a productivity monitoring software that comes with attendance management as well. The software has a myriad of features to ensure transparency among the management and employees in an organisation. It has all the must-have features that you look for in the attendance management system along with so many additional features for employee monitoring such as screenshots, screen recording, ideal time detection, access to the website list that employee has browsed and many more.   

Why invest in multiple software when you can get all the features bundled in one- Time Champ? 

Book a demo today to learn how we have helped various successful businesses like yours with their attendance management and productivity tracking.   

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